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    Web Design

    At True Blue Websites we strive to make the process of getting you a fantastic new website as easy as possible.

    1. Listen

    Listening to our clients needs is the most fundamental step in the process. We believe meeting face to face to understand your business is important. We take the time to find out where your business is today and where you want to be in the future. From there we develop a plan for your marketing materials.

    2. Research & Plan

    Once we understand your brand it’s time to get creative. We research your industry thoroughly to understand the space we’re working in and start to develop a plan to build the scaffold of your website design and web presence.

    3. Development

    Our talented team of designers and developers get to work creating your new website based on the final approved drafts. We then build the layout, code, design and create graphics for you new site.

    4. Adjustment

    Once you’ve had a chance to evaluate the build, revisions can be made based on your feedback. We understand that making adjustments is all part of the process of you getting the best website.

    5. Launch

    After we have received final approval, your brand new website goes live for all the world to enjoy.


    Online Marketing

    At True Blue, we know that marketing isn’t just advertising, and that successful marketing covers a wide range of different areas. This stretches from optimising website content through search engine optimisation to improving brand recognition through logo development. Whether you’re launching your brand for the first time, trying to steer it in a new direction, or just performing upkeep, we’ve got you covered.

    1. Communication

    We sit down with you and talk to you about your business. We find out where you wanted to be, where you are, and where you’re headed. We then go over different strategies to get you there.

    2. Customisation

    Given everything we talked about with you, we work out a detailed plan created specifically for your business.

    3. Implementation

    We implement all the changes we’ve talked about with you in order to make those changes happen as quickly as possible.

    4. Monitoring

    We make changes based on your performance in different marketing areas to make sure you’re constantly improving on every platform.



    Graphic Design

    At True Blue website we understand that clear communication is essential for successful results. We take an in-depth look at your current branding in order to explore new directions, to improve and to create better designs for our clients.

    1. First Meeting/Design Brief

    The design brief is the most important part of any design endeavour, as it forms the foundation around which the design occurs. Within the first meetings and through the creation of the brief, True Blue Websites aims to understand your business’s objectives, and create a structure that will allow us to design a solution.

    2. Design

    Using the design brief, our graphic designers work to create a functional, beautiful and effective branded image for the company.

    3. Approval

    The designs are then honed and refined, after which they go to the client for approval. This is a key stage in the process, and communication during this time is vital.

    4. Production

    Once the design has been approved, and any final changes have been implemented, production on the graphic can begin. If any portion of the design ids dedicated to printed material, this where the printing occurs.

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